01/10/2018: Call for Papers: The Politics of Social Suffering

Per | 18/05/2018

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Submission deadline: 1 October 2018

To be published in: Issue 23 (January 2019)

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Subject area

In recent decades, social suffering has come to be one of the key topics in sociological and political debate. The growth in diagnoses of depression and burnout has received increasing amounts of attention, leading a number of social analysts to interpret them as symptoms of the wide-ranging transformations taking place in society (Ehrenberg, 1998; Honneth, 2002; Rosa, 2005; Neckel and Wagner, 2013). During this same period, an idea has gained traction, namely that the social question, most notably in its contemporary forms, cannot be properly described without taking into account the psychological experiences and feelings of malaise attached to it (Bourdieu, 1993; Castel, 1995; Dejours, 1998; Gaulejac, 2011). As a result, the notion of social suffering has moved to the forefront of a research programme involving different but converging approaches in sociology, anthropology, social psychology, and social philosophy (Kleinman et al., 1997; Wilkinson, 2005; Renault, 2010).