Snapshot: Regional and local television in Spain

Per | 04/03/2017

This brief was prepared by the European Audiovisual Observatory for the European Commission, DG COMM and DG REGIO in 2014. The analysis provided in this report is under the editorial responsibility of the European Audiovisual Observatory and does not imply editorial liability of the European Commission.
The original report contained audience data purchased from EurodataTV Worldwide and their relevant partners. These data have been removed for copyright reasons, but some reference is made to the overall findings from the data.
KANTAR Media have kindly permitted the use of their 2013 audience data as published in their TV audience Yearbook 2013.
The brief also uses data published for free online by the Federación de Organismos o Entidades de Radio y Televisión Autonómicos (Federation of Autonomous Broadcasting Companies, FORTA). FORTA have also been contacted and agreed to allow the re-use of their charts.
Please note that the report here was based on a requested brief and completed in a very short time. It could hence not cover all aspects of regional or local television in Spain. Any errors are the responsibility of the author. The decision to publish this brief was based on recurring requests from the network of the European Audiovisual Observatory for information on regional television.
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